Easy yet incredibly powerful, our mobile app works with active and passive location tracking to submit requests, conduct surveys and record equipment cleaning.

  • FacilityTeam Mobile Application
  • Find equipment using Bluetooth
  • Record work requests on your mobile device

The FacilityTeam mobile application allows our software to interact with the scanning features on your phone including Bluetooth and Near-Field Communication.  It also allows access to the camera for capturing barcodes.  It is the interaction between asset information and asset identification makes the application incredibly easy to use. 

Bluetooth tags continually update the database with their current location.  The mobile app uses this information when searching for assets.  The app also uses your phone’s own Bluetooth antenna to read all asset tags in the area.  Clicking on an asset from the list will display its information. 

The app also includes a gieger-counter that displays the distance between you and the asset.  Find assets quickly by following the gieger-counter.   This feature is great for maintenance looking for equipment to service and for lease managers locating equipment to be returned.

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is like the tap-and-pay feature on your credit card.  All FacilityTeam asset tags include NFC.  Simply tap your phone on an asset tag to display the asset information.  This feature is used extensively for disinfection management.  Simply tap on an asset tag to start the disinfection work order.  The app will display asset information including where the stock location for the asset is, last time disinfected and dwell time in the current location.  Clicking the Clean button closes the work order, records time and indicates the asset is back in service.

Barcodes can be used for assets that do not require real-time tracking.  Selecting the barcode reader will open the phone’s camera app, which is used to visually select the barcode.  The phone will automatically read the barcode and the assets information will display in the app.

Barcodes also make the inspection of life safety equipment is quick and easy.  Scan a barcode or tap an asset tag to display the condition survey.  Answer pass/fail questions and if necessary submit a work request.

An additional use of the camera is in recording service requests.  The app knows who and where you are.  Simply select the issue from a drop-down list and take a picture. 

  • The App uses the same FacilityTeam log-in credentials.
  • Download and install from the Android app store
  • Predefined queries make it easy to look up assets
  • Uses the phone’s Bluetooth to show assets in your area
  • Let your phone lead you to assets with the Bluetooth gieger-counter
  • Identify assets with Bluetooth tags, Near-Field tags and Barcode labels
  • Quickly find the location of assets
  • Submit work requests for rooms and assets
  • Build a condition history for equipment with surveys
  • Easily record disinfection and return to service
Features that utilize the Mobile Application
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