Real time location tracking turns our Interactive floorplans into your treasure map to your staff, patients and equipment.

  • Interactive drawing viewer

Using AutoCAD in FacilityTeam

Adding intelligent floor and site plans in FacilityTeam is easy.  Use existing AutoCAD drawings and interact with the database using features we add to the AutoCAD menu.  Define room areas, add department and employee information and locate assets graphically in the drawings.  Then simply click on the Submit button to upload a copy of your AutoCAD drawings into FacilityTeam.   

Your drafts people use the AutoCAD program they are already familiar with and they keep the facility management and location tracking maps up to date without additional effort. 
FacilityTeam integration with AutoCAD


Drawing Viewer

FacilityTeam’s amazing drawing viewer lets users quickly view and interact with floorplans. Designed for mobile devices users can use a touchscreen to move around the drawing and click on rooms and assets to view details.
The advanced search lets users find groups of rooms and assets and display their location in the drawings using highlight colors. Results are viewed across multiple drawings at the same time. So if you would like to highlight all rooms for a specific department or all assets belonging to a specific department all the relevant drawings will display at the same time.
The result is a fast and easy to use graphical search.

Highlighting rooms in FacilityTeam's viewer


Drawings and the Location Engine

To support real time location tracking the drawings are used to identify antenna locations.  This allows our system to understand what room each antenna is in as well as exact distances between antennas.


  • Use AutoCAD polylines to define space on floor and site plans
  • Use AutoCAD blocks to identify asset locations
  • Upload drawings to sync with the database and drawing viewer
  • Add database information to rooms and assets inside AutoCAD
  • Record both metric and imperial room areas simultaneously
  • Click on a space or asset in the viewer to display additional information
  • No need to learn a proprietary drafting program, we work with AutoCAD.
  • No need to maintain a seconds set of floorplans for location tracking.
  • Touch screen drawing viewer that works on all devices makes maps available to everyone.
  • Predefined views allow for quick searching and highlighting


Features that work with Interactive Drawings
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