From one-time imports to live data exchange with other systems FacilityTeam can enhance your existing systems with live location information.

  • Integrate CMMS CAFM RTLS

FacilityTeam not only tracks the location of people and assets but their assignments, condition, scheduled maintenance and more.  The benefits of this extensive information can be enhanced by sharing with other systems such as purchasing, bed management or nurse call. 

FacilityTeam makes that sharing easy with our secure web services.  Data can be pulled by the external application from the FacilityTeam database.  FacilityTeam also has a scheduling function that can push data to another applications web services.  Those calls could be based on a trigger (e.g. creation of an alert) or a schedule (e.g. importing of an employee list nightly).

This event based and schedule based exchange of information ensures that your investment in RTLS will benefit your entire institution.

  • Highly secure
  • Predefined data views and actions make setup easy
  • Push data to other applications based on events (such as a temperature alert)
  • Push data to other applications based on a schedule
  • Pull data from other applications based on a schedule
  • No server software to install
  • Your data is accessible to your internal applications and hosted applications
  • XML based web services can be integrated into virtually any enterprise system
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