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  • FacilityTeam cloud software

FacilityTeam is the next generation of facility management software that is hosted in the cloud and runs entirely in a browser yet it provides the robust user experience of an installed application. This powerful software requires nothing to be installed and it runs on all the popular browsers and operating systems. Since all data processing is performed on our servers the software performance is fast no matter what device you are on.

The FacilityTeam interface is dynamic, automatically adjusting itself based on your device and screen size. And, it is just as easy to use on a touchscreen as it is with a mouse. Your preferences and your security rights move with you as you log in on different devices so it is easy to start your day on a desktop computer then go to a meeting with your tablet and later conduct an asset survey on your smart phone. With FacilityTeam your facility management system is available when and where you need it.

  • Runs in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • The full application runs on desktops, tables and smart phones
  • Your preferences and security move with you as you log into difference devices
  • Always fast no matter what device you are on
  • Designed for touch screen and mouse
  • Runs in a browser with nothing to install
  • No system administration or server setup required
  • No up-front software cost, just a monthly access fee
  • No upgrades or updates to install
  • Fast support
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