A truly effective RTLS system is not focused on locations, its focused on assets, people and maintenance.

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The expectation for a low cost, highly accurate Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) for healthcare has been on the rise in recent years. Past technologies such as Wi-Fi, Infrared and Ultrasound have been expensive with limited benefits greatly reducing the return on investment for hospitals. FacilityTeam solved the hardware cost issue by utilizing widely available Bluetooth technology that is far more cost effective. The other issue holding back RTLS adoption in hospitals has been the ineffective use of the location information. Simple knowing where things are is okay if you want to take an inventory count. FacilityTeam’s truly effective RTLS solution combines location information with our robust asset management system provides decision makers with actionable and timely information they require to improve their department’s performance.

Our software solution starts with our intelligent antennas which are remotely administrated to determine what Bluetooth hardware to track and what additional information is available such as sensor readings. Our antenna network bridges the gap between Bluetooth devices and the internet, providing an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem that is highly scalable and adds real-time location tracking to all Bluetooth devices. That is a revolutionary RTLS solution.

Location Engine

As beacons are detected by multiple antennas their highly accurate signal strength readings are passed from the antennas to the FacilityTeam Location Engine which triangulates the multiple readings into an accurate location.   As the beacon moves the Location Engine continually updates the database building a movement history.

Effective RTLS Requires Robust Asset Management Software

FacilityTeam’s asset, space, occupancy and maintenance modules are designed to use that movement information to automate actions. For example, a piece of equipment moving into a patient room will automatically change that equipment’s status to “in use”. Since it was in use, moving it again to a storage closet indicates it is out of service until disinfected. The automated actions enhance the FacilityTeam’s capabilities to show nurses where to find clean and available equipment and to let the disinfection team monitor their work backlog.

Managers can also set up location based alerts for people and equipment such as a notification to Security when equipment leave the building or a notification to maintenance when a refrigerators temperature goes out of range.

Tied together with our teamwork interface, dashboards and reports FacilityTeam delivers a truly effective RTLS system.

FacilityTeam Software Features
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Integrating CAFM and CMMS with other systems


From one-time imports to live data exchange with other systems FacilityTeam can enhance your existing systems with live location information.