Collect accurate temperature and humidity readings by placing low cost Bluetooth sensors in rooms and equipment.

  • Temperature and humidity tracking

Hospitals can lose several hundred thousand dollars in product each year due to cooling equipment failures.  Respond quickly to environmental changes by implementing FacilityTeam sensors that monitor both temperature and humidity.  These sensor tags report their location every second and report sensor readings every 20 seconds.  The sensor data is retained in the database building a history of environmental readings.

FacilityTeam’s configurable alerts allow managers to define operating ranges for each sensor.  If temperature or humidity levels are detected outside of the specified range the system can send email notifications, text messages and even create work orders.

Bluetooth asset tag

Asset Tag

Size:                42.3mm x 42.3mm x 13.4mm; Weight: 30g

Color:              White

Range:            75m

Configuration:  Configured using the FacilityTeam application

Battery:           1x CR2477 Panasonic battery

Certifications:   FCC (U.S.A) / CE (European Union) / MFI (Apple) / RoHS (European Union)

  • Passive NFC for interaction with our mobile app
  • BLE signalling every second for unbeatable location accuracy
  • Sensor readings recorded every 20 seconds
  • Weights only 2oz.
  • 3+ year battery life
  • Replaceable battery
  • Real time monitoring of your environment
  • Assign sensors to rooms or equipment (e.g. refrigerators)
  • Define alerts based on readings outside of acceptable range.
  • Tap an asset tag with our mobile app to retrieve asset information
  • Tags report their battery life remaining.
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