Discover how FacilityTeam utilizes location beacons, near-field tags and barcodes to enhance every aspect of asset and maintenance management.

  • Bluetooth, NFC and barcode asset tags

Being able to walk up to an asset and display its information on a mobile device can be incredibly helpful for maintenance staff.  Methods for tagging assets vary in both functionality and cost so FacilityTeam works with three different methods providing a solution for every asset in your institution.

Bluetooth for location tracking

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used for real time location tracking of assets and people.  The system automatically tracks movement and can react based on rules you define such as notifying security when equipment is leaving the building.  Antennas need to be installed in areas where real time awareness of objects can be of strategic value such as patient rooms, procedure rooms and exits. 


  • Real time location tracking
  • Business processes can be based on locations
  • Reduces asset purchasing
  • Increases staff safety
  • Can include temperature and humidity sensors


  • Tags cost between $15 and $25 per asset or person
  • Larger than NFC tags and barcode labels
  • Batteries need to be replaced every 5 years

Near Field Communication (NFC) to identify assets on hand

Imagine the efficiency of a cleaner tapping their phone on a door jamb to start a cleaning ticket or a technician tapping on an asset to start a work order.  With NFC tags and FacilityTeam’s mobile app asset identification is fast and accurate.

An NFC tag is similar to the chip in a credit card that lets you tap-and-pay.  The passive tag is energized when it is near a scanner and transmits its unique number only a few inches.   The latest phones and tablets support NFC reading, allowing users of our mobile application to scan NFC tags to read assets.  There is also the potential to install larger readers in doorways to detect tags as they pass through.  NFC tags are about the size of a quarter making them easy to install on or inside anything including linens and patent wrist bands.

FacilityTeam has embedded an NFC tag in each Bluetooth tag, providing the combined benefits of real time tracking and up-close scanning. 


  • Tags cost between $0.15 and $2.00
  • Scan with mobile phone app
  • Initiate work as soon as a tag is tapped
  • Tags are small and rugged
  • No battery to replace


  • Must be within one inch to scan
  • Requires mobile app to be installed



Barcode labels are easy and cheap to produce.  Many products already include a barcode label with a unique ID that can be used in FacilityTeam to identify the asset.  FacilityTeam’s web interface and mobile application can read barcodes to retrieve asset information.


  • Labels can be printed as needed
  • Many assets already include a barcode
  • Cheapest way to tag assets
  • Barcode can be read by the mobile app


  • Barcode scanning process takes 10 seconds
  • Label must be easily accessible


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