Find equipment anywhere by attaching small low cost Bluetooth asset tags.

  • Bluetooth asset tags
  • Attaching Bluetooth asset tags to equipment

FacilityTeam asset tags are Bluetooth beacons (also referred to as transponders) that continuously transmit their location to the FacilityTeam application.  The incredibly low energy usage of Bluetooth delivers up to 5 years of operation without a battery replacement.

The tags small size and allow the tags to be placed on any device.  And since Bluetooth does not require line-of-site with the antennas they can even be placed inside mattresses and equipment.

All our asset tags feature an active Bluetooth beacon and a passive Near-Field (NFC) antenna allowing users to locate assets in crowded equipment rooms using the FacilityTeam mobile app.

BLE asset tags ordered from FacilityTeam will come preconfigured and already recorded in your database.  Simply open an equipment record and select the asset tag you have attached to it.

The tags themselves do not contain any information other than their own unique ID.  The relationship between the location and asset information (such as the type of product and assigned department) is recorded in the database.

Bluetooth asset tag

Asset Tag

Size:                42.3mm x 42.3mm x 13.4mm; Weight: 30g

Color:              White

Range:            75m

Configuration:  Configured using the FacilityTeam application

Battery:           1x CR2477 Panasonic battery

Certifications:   FCC (U.S.A) / CE (European Union) / MFI (Apple) / RoHS (European Union)


  • Active Bluetooth low energy signal delivers the most accurate asset tracking
  • Passive NFC for interaction with our mobile app
  • Signalling every second for unbeatable accuracy
  • Weights only 2oz.
  • Up to 5 year battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Replaceable battery
  • Real time tracking of your equipment inventory
  • Increase asset availability
  • Reduce overspending on equipment
  • Tap an asset with our mobile app to retrieve asset information
  • Optional motion triggered broadcasting can extend battery life past 5 years.
  • Tags report their battery life remaining.
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