Find out how low cost Bluetooth antennas act like GSP satellites inside your building.

  • RTLS Bluetooth antennas

FacilityTeam’s small Bluetooth antennas continually listen for signals being emitted from asset beacons and employee badges.  Highly sensitive, they are capable of determining the distance between the antenna and beacon.  When several antennas work together they can triangulate the beacons location down to the room that it is in.

Some systems like Wi-Fi can only provide departmental level accuracy, while others using infrared or ultrasound require direct line of site between the emitters and beacons, resulting in an emitter being required for every room.  With low cost Bluetooth antennas we can deliver room level accuracy with a small number of antennas strategically positioned to take advantage of good location geometry.

Beacons are transmitting their location every second.  The antennas perform analysis and filtering of Bluetooth signals, sending only a summary of information to the FacilityTeam servers.  This results in incredibly small amounts of data being transferred, with each beacon generating only a few hundred bytes of network traffic per minute.  To communicate with the servers each antenna has built-in Wi-Fi.  Where Wi-Fi is limited the antennas also include Bluetooth mesh networking.

Unlike systems that utilize ultrasound or infrared, Bluetooth does not require line-of-site between the antenna and asset tag.  Tags can be attached under or behind assets and antennas can be wall mounted or out of site above ceiling tiles.

With FacilityTeam’s Bluetooth technology you have a system that is low cost, easy to set up and is highly configurable providing you with the level of accuracy you need to meet your operational objectives.







Size:                105mm x 75mm x 35mm; 4.5” x 3” x 1.5”

Color:              White or Black

Range:            30m to Wi-Fi router

Configuration:  Configured using the FacilityTeam application

Accessories:     Power supply with 3’6” cable and micro usb connector

Certifications:  Board:                      FCC (U.S.A) / CE (European Union)

                      Wi-Fi Antenna:         FCC / CE

                      Bluetooth Antenna:  FCC / CE

                      Power Supply:         FCC / CE

  • Default Wi-Fi:    802.11 b/g/n;         2.4 ghz
  • Optional Wi-Fi:  802.11 a/b/g/n/an;  2.4ghz and 5 ghz
  • Bluetooth:         BLE 4.0
  • Capable of detecting hundreds if beacons simultaneously
  • Wall mountable
  • Install antennas out of site above ceiling tiles
  • Remotely administrate antennas
  • Data filtering and compression greatly reduced network traffic
  • Utilizes existing Wi-Fi network
  • Built-in Bluetooth mesh networking
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