Antennas, asset tags, employee badges and sensors, all preconfigured and ready to work.

  • Bluetooth antennas and asset tags

FacilityTeam location tracking hardware is the least expensive, smallest components available, and using Low Energy Bluetooth they provide the longest battery life.


FacilityTeam Bluetooth AntennaCapacity:    1000 tags/badges per second

Coverage:   60meters/yards x 60meters/yards

Antenna:     Bluetooth 4.0

Network:     Wi-Fi

Features:    Can read any Bluetooth beacon

                  Can send and receive to Bluetooth devices

                  Requires only 5v power


Bluetooth Asset TagsBluetooth asset tag

Signal:        Bluetooth 4.0

Interval:      Transmission very second

Battery:       Replaceable

                   5 year battery life

Sensors:      Temperature and Humidity sensors available

Waterproof:  Waterproof to 3 meters / 10 feet


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