From static reports to interactive business intelligence reports to live dashboards FacilityTeam formats information to support your business decisions.

  • CAFM CMMS RTLS reporting
  • CMMS report work by team
  • FacilityTeam cost report
  • Measuring maintenance response time

The old adage “you manage what you measure” is well suited to FacilityTeam.  The software can collect a tremendous amount of information so the ability to measurement is there, but how can all that information be conveyed to a user in a format that is actionable? 

First, it is important to understand the role of reports and how other features in FacilityTeam support the reporting process.  Within the application three methods are used to present information:

KPI’s Report methodsare dashboard gauges that summarize information in real time.  They provide trending information that allows managers to work with their team proactively in order to reach goals.

Tasks are current to-do items such as work orders and inspections.  This information, provided on the users dashboard, takes place in the present and allows teams to be reactive to changing conditions.

Reports summarize past information, typically within a specific date range such as “temperature alerts last month”.  They are used to evaluate past results and to support the setting of future objectives.

Report design varies based on the content being presented, with most reports starting with a table or chart summary followed by detailed information supporting the summary.  User editable option fields such as date ranges are included in each report.

open work order report

For even more reporting power FacilityTeam includes Business Intelligent (BI) reports that start with a default view of the data but allow users the freedom in adjusting what data is being displayed, create their own restrictions and changing the graphics of the report.

  • Print, email and export data from the report window
  • Specify who has access to each report
  • All reports run on the server making report generation fast
  • Dashboard, Tasks and Reports work together to support management decisions
  • Static provide a consistent view of the data
  • BI reports allow the freedom to dive into the data
  • Design your own reports or use FacilityTeam’s report experts
  • Reports run on any device and browser
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