Find out how FacilityTeam antennas determine the location of Bluetooth asset tags and employee badges.

  • Bluetooth RTLS triangulation

The FacilityTeam RTLS Location Engine is the analysis tool that determines the location of Bluetooth beacons based on readings submitted by the antennas.

As an asset tag or employee badge moves in the facility it transmits its unique number.  The antennas in the area receive the number along with a signal strength that changes based on distance.  The Location Engine uses the readings being reported by multiple antennas to determine the exact location of the asset or person.  It then updates the FacilityTeam database with the current location, building a movement history.

Accurate floorplans play an important role in analysis performed by the Location Engine.  Identifying the location of antennas on the maps provides the system with room boundaries and distances between antennas, used to accurately determine locations and report their corresponding room numbers.

The Location Engine also performs alert analysis.  Users can set up geo-fencing rules such as security alerts or changes to equipment availability based on location.  These rules are continually compared to the movement of equipment and people, with the Location Engine responding whenever a rule applies.  The result is 24/7 monitoring and immediate response to changing conditions.

  • Continuous location analysis
  • Continuous comparison of alert rules to movement
  • Movement history shows room changes and dwell time
  • Hardware comes preconfigured to work with the Location Engine.  No setup required.
  • Antenna communication to the server is incredibly efficient.
  • There is no limit on the number of antennas or beacons.
Features that the Location Engine Supports
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