Set objectives and monitor performance with live dashboards.

  • RTLS Real Time Locating System

FacilityTeam takes the adage “you can't manage what you don't measure” one step further.  "You manage what you measure and you improve what you manage". 

Our software can collect a tremendous amount of information so the ability to measure is there, but how can all that information be converted into timely information managers require to reach their goals?

FacilityTeam’s dashboard interface is capable of presenting measurement information graphically to managers responsible for their team’s performance. Like the gages in a car, each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) provides a single, easily understood reading on critical information.   Managers can then add a target to each KPI, displaying where they are now and where they want to get to.

When combined with FacilityTeam reports and tasks the KPi's provide past, present and trending information necessary to achieve your teams goals.

  • Control what is included in your KPI's and how the information is presented.
  • Add goals to see where you are and where you would like to be.
  • Add math calculations to database information for advanced metrics
  • Combine and roll-up multiple KPI's for different levels of management
  • Automatically record a nightly summary of KPI's to build a performance history.


  • Judge how your teams are doing at a glance with active gauges.
  • Include any information in KPI's using automatic and manual data entry.
  • Quickly determine if you are moving in the right direction with trend indicators.


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