Combine robust facility and maintenance management with location tracking to gain insight into the performance of your facility operations.

  • RTLS analysis and reporting

Software analytics is about gathering millions of pieces of information from your live software, including data entry, location data, and input from other systems and then making sense of that information —providing you with business insights that support decision making.

What kind of things can I ask my applications?

We want you to be able to ask performance and application questions, but also business questions. Such as:

  • Are we on track to meet our service level agreements for response times?
  • Identify departments currently below minimum safe staff levels?
  • Are there any shortages of critical equipment?

How can FacilityTeam help?

Our real-time analytics continually monitor data entry and movement to update users when their attention is required.  This includes live dashboards that continually update, emails and text messaging.  When a deep dive is required our business intelligent reports allow users to mine information to support decision making.

Features that provide Analytics
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