Discover how our software and hardware work together to support your facility operations.

  • FacilityTeam RTLS technology

State-Of-The-Art is the clearest way to define FacilityTeam's technology.  We have brought together best practices in system design with highly accurate yet low cost hardware to deliver a system that is truly exceptional. It will enhance every aspect of your back-office operations by providing visibility into the resources you have available.

State-of-the-Art Cloud Software

The FacilityTeam software is designed to be highly scalable and highly available.  We develop with best practices for cloud software including rest services, independent objects and multi-threading.  This ensures that resources on the server are always available for you, regardless of how many others are working on the system. 

Users work with FacilityTeam in a browser.  Our interface is developed in HTML5 which is supported by the latest versions of all browsers and it automatically scales to match your display so you can use it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With no servers to set up or software to install your team can be up and running quickly.

State-of-the-Art Bluetooth Hardware

Bluetooth is built into over 1 billion devices each year.  The Bluetooth consortium, comprised of most of the world’s top technology companies continually upgrades the capabilities of Bluetooth as evidenced by the lasted Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, which dramatically reduced energy requirements for broadcasting data.  This broad adoption and mass production mean that Bluetooth offers a scale that is unmatched by other RTLS technologies such as purpose built Wi-Fi, infrared or ultrasound devices.

Bluetooth offers the best accuracy at the lowest price.  And, with such a largest focus on R&D its position as the best hardware for RTLS will only get stronger.

State-of-the-Art Analytics    FacilityTeam Analytics

Location reports are expected in any RTLS system.  Gaining value from RTLS is more than just a temperature warning or an asset inventory.  In FacilityTeam reports are one of three ways we put location information to work for you.

Reports summarize past information.  They are used to evaluate past results and to support the setting of future objectives.

Tasks are current to-do items such as security alerts, work orders and inspections.  This information, provided on the users dashboard, takes place in the present and allows teams to be reactive to changing conditions.

KPI’s are dashboard gauges that summarize information in real time.  They provide trending information that allows managers to work with their team proactively in order to reach goals.


Combined our software, hardware and analytics deliver immediate benefits and a very fast return on investment.