Recording room and equipment condition inspections has never been faster or easier.  With your phone, simply tap on an asset tag or scan a barcode to record an inspection.

  • Mobile app for safety and inspection audit

Inspection of work areas and safety equipment can identify problems and hazards before these conditions result in accidents or injuries. Inspections help to identify the effectiveness of safety program management and they prove the hospital is meeting is regulatory compliance obligations.

Whether your team is conducting weekly walk-throughs, monthly life safety equipment inspections or one time noise surveys, FacilityTeam asset tags make the survey process incredibly fast and easy.

FacilityTeam’s passive asset tags utilize Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology similar to chips found in credit cards to tap-and-pay.  Using our mobile app and the NFC capability on phones or tablets a user can tap on an asset tag.  The mobile app reads the unique tag number and displays the corresponding asset information and its condition survey.

The inspection questions are unique to each type of asset.  For example tapping on a door can display the following inspection questions:

Door has hardware free from physical damage

Door has properly functioning positive latches

Door has properly functioning self-closing devices or automatic closing devices

Door is physically unobstructed

Each question can be answered with a pass/fail response and an overall pass/fail for the survey.

If a fault is found the FacilityTeam mobile app can create a work request complete with pictures, comments and workflow to route the request to the right person.

The result is an incredibly quick and easy audit that is well organized and creates actionable items for equipment requiring correction.

  • Survey assets and rooms
  • Tap an asset tag to display its inspection survey
  • Quickly record an inspection with a single click
  • Easily create work requests for equipment that failed an inspection
  • Take photographs and add comments to work requests
  • View pass/fail results
  • Create different inspection surveys for each type of equipment and room
  • Define and issue surveys to staff
  • Reduce the time spent inspecting equipment
  • Ensure survey completion by monitoring outstanding inspections
  • Each asset record includes its inspection history and repairs
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