From web seminars to on-site training we offer education services that meet the needs of your staff.

  • FacilityTeam Training

The FacilityTeam interface is dynamic, presenting each user with features they have permission to use.  The application runs in a browser and functions on laptop, tablet and phone screens.  This makes training easier since there is only one interface to learn and all users share the same common features.

Training typically is delivered in small groups of users that share the same role.  For larger groups such as nurses who need to locate equipment we can provide a seminar style presentation or on-line video tutorials.  On-site training is preferred for initial implementation with web based training for refresher courses and new hires. 

FacilityTeam includes one-time administrative tasks such as report design and data importing in our standard service agreement.  Our staff performing these administrative duties allows us to focus courses on features users will work with every day.  This makes training quicker, is more relevant for the attendees and allows them to retain more of the information presented.

Depending on our client schedule we prefer to deliver training after the majority of data collection has been performed.  This allows users to work with their own information, making the training more relevant for them.

  • Data collection and tagging
  • Surveying
  • Disinfection Management
  • Facility Manager
  • AutoCAD overlay for FacilityTeam
  • Maintenance and Biomed Manager
  • On-site and web-based training
  • Training focused on daily use not infrequent admin tasks
  • Common interface between laptop, tablet and phone
  • Training web site duplicates your live site
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