No need to develop in-house expertise and set up servers.  With our cloud software and implementation services we do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Implementing RTLS

FacilityTeam’s cloud based software and preconfigured hardware reduces some of the effort typically required in implementing an RTLS system.  However technology is only part of the implementation, people and processes will be affected as well.  That is why we start implementations with a thorough understanding of your expectations and how they align with the systems capabilities.  We work closely with your stakeholders to understand their objectives, timeline and resources and apply that to the twenty years of experience we have implementing asset management systems in healthcare to develop a comprehensive implementation plan.

Our experience team can assist with the following implementation services:

  • Software requirements definition
  • Implementation planning
  • Communication planning
  • Data importing
  • Defining space, asset and antenna locations on drawings
  • Software configuration
  • Systems integration
  • Custom report writing
  • Standard and custom training
  • Pilot test and production deployment
  • Mentoring and user support
  • Post-deployment reviews


Implementation Services and Support
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