FacilityTeam delivers an exceptional level of support thanks to our technology and our commitment to a great user experience.

  • Exceptional Support

FacilityTeam Inc. develops, hosts, implements and support our clients. We offer a single point of responsibility for the success of your real time location system.

One of the primary benefits to cloud software is that there is nothing to install.  There is no server software and the user interface is delivered in a web browser.  This eliminates many of the traditional software support issues with operating systems, installation problems and conflicts with other software.

Another major cause of support issues are the infrequently used features such as data importing or report writing.  FacilityTeam removes these obstacles by including day-to-day system administration as a standard part of our support.

Between installation problems and infrequently used features we remove 90% of the issues most uses encounter.  When our users do identify a problem it is easy to troubleshoot since everyone works on the same version of the software.  Our support team can quickly reproduce the problem and start on a resolution.

In order to deliver exceptional support we endeavor to understand your business objective and how you will be using the system.  This proactive planning is part of the monthly, quarterly and annual system review meetings we schedule with your key stakeholders. 

Our helpdesk operates from 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Users experiencing issues can contact tech support by phone, email for using our on-line tech support web site.

  • Notification of upcoming enhancements
  • On-line support ticket system with automatic email notification
  • Toll free telephone support
  • Support is included in our monthly system access fee
  • System administration is included
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual system review meetings
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