Improve safety while promoting a culture of accountability with incident reporting and risk management.

  • Incident reporting and risk management

Incident Reporting and Risk Management

Although we live in an imperfect world where accidents do happen it does not mean we have to accept them, especially in health care where a seemingly minor oversight can end up having serious consequences. 

A study published in 2004 by a team headed by Dr. G. Ross Baker provides a reliable estimate of adverse events in a wide range of hospitals across the country.  They found that 1 out of 13 adult patients admitted to hospital encounter an adverse event and 37% of adverse events are ‘highly’ preventable.

By implementing FacilityTeam’s easy to use incident reporting system trends can be identified and inspections scheduled, bringing proactive management into what has previously been a very reactive effort.

Incident Reporting

Every incident or near miss can be an opportunity to learn and improve.  Our Cloud software allows staff to report incidents from any desktop or mobile device.   Simply answer a few questions and the incident is properly categorized and routed to the correct response team.


  • Reduce delays in incident reporting
  • Reduce the number of unreported incidents
  • Promote a culture of openness and accountability
  • Named and anonymous reporting
  • Pick list reporting ensures incidents are properly categorized and routed to the correct team.
  • Attach documents and photographs to incident reports
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Check on-line to view previous submissions and add additional information

Incident Management

Workflow for each incident type directs the report to the proper department for review, including expected response time and escalations. 

Each response team’s dashboard provides an interactive view of new and ongoing requests.  Users can simply click within their calendar or task list to add notes or ask for input from their team.  They can also view how work is progressing on tasks they assigned. 


  • Instantly notify appropriate responders to incidents
  • Supports timely follow-up and investigation
  • Turn incident reports into actionable work tasks
  • Integrate with Patient Management systems
  • PHIPA and HIPPA compliant
  • Identify trends in incidents and near misses

Corrective and Preventative Actions

The response to incident reports does not have to be limited to the investigation.  With FacilityTeam’s robust maintenance management system each incident can initiate corrective work orders that become part of the maintenance history for the location or asset.  Where proactive efforts will reduce the future potential for incidents manager can define preventative maintenance schedules that generated work orders at regular intervals.


  • Corrective work orders are associated back to the incident
  • Assign work to staff and contractors
  • Define scheduled work for equipment and locations
  • Automatic work assignment reduces the management required for repetitive tasks

Inspections and Audits

Results from incident analysis can lead to proactive efforts to monitor facilities for hazards.  These efforts can range from monthly equipment inspections to daily safety rounds.  With FacilityTeam’s mobile app recording incidents and near-misses is as easy as taking a picture. 

Audits extend incident reporting with pass/fail questionnaires based on known inspection points such as fire extinguishers or washrooms.   The user completes the survey and if a failure is found an incident report and/or corrective work order can be generated.    This proactive reporting can help identify near misses and creates a survey history associated to each piece of equipment or room.


  • Monitor known potential hazards before they become incidents.
  • Complete inspections and record incidents (and near misses) on a smartphone.
  • Easily add pictures to incident reports 
  • Building an inspection history assists in trend analysis
  • Inspection history supports accreditation
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