Facility departments have the daily challenge of locating mobile assets and people. Whether it’s to perform maintenance or provide security there is a constant need to identify current locations.

  • FacilityTeam RTLS Real Time Location Tracking

A hospital is a fluid environment where staff, patients and medical equipment are constantly moving.  Bringing people and equipment together to deliver services can be challenging, especially when the condition and availability of equipment is continuously changing. 

Location tracking provides current location information in real time and allows business processes to be defined based on movement.  Combined with FacilityTeam’s maintenance and asset management features location information becomes a transformative business tool for hospitals delivering improved patient and personnel tracking, real time inventory tracking, improved clinical workflow, patient safety, and loss reduction. 

Underutilization of resources is one of the biggest forms of wastes in the healthcare industry, which can now be improved with FacilityTeam.  Easy access to real time dashboards enables decision makers to make strategic business decisions that ensure optimal utilization of all hospital assets including personnel, equipment and space. This helps save time and money and increases overall service and revenue.

  • Location based inventory management
  • Location based security alerts
  • Locate assets by category and status (e.g. clean/dirty, in-use/available).
  • Asset locations are presented on interactive maps
  • Define location based alerts
  • Report on equipment utilization, availability history and location history
  • Locate individual assets requiring maintenance
  • Locate assets on-the-go with the FacilityTeam mobile app
  • Automate work order generation based on locations
  • Reduce nurse frustration and wasted time searching for clean and available equipment.
  • Increase patient throughput by reducing equipment search times.
  • Maintenance staff can quickly locate mobile equipment requiring service, with the current asset location displayed in the work order.
  • Track the location and use of rented equipment
  • Reduce equipment over-purchasing
  • Prevent theft by alerting security when equipment leaves the building.
  • Eliminate loss due to accidental disposal of equipment.
  • Track asset movement history to optimize equipment stock placement
  • Improve inventory management with utilization and availability reporting
Features that support Real Time Location Tracking
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