People don’t work in isolation.  Teams communicate, collaborate and support each other to work effectively.  See how FacilityTeam empowers your teams to work together.

  • Collaboration and Communication

Team work is central to all features in FacilityTeam. Whether you are surveying assets, negotiating a lease or updating a floor plan it takes a team to get the work done. FacilityTeam allows users to easily record the steps involved and ask coworkers and contractors to participate. As they accept their role your team is automatically assembled and tasks assigned. Team members can then easily communicate with instant messaging and email plus they share a project calendar and documents. The result is a powerful collaboration system that enhances all aspects of your building operations.

FacilityTeam is the solution to three hurdles that managers face in collaborating as a team:

  1. Teams are not always in the same office. FacilityTeam enables easy team communication between employees and contractors at multiple locations.
  2. People are part of multiple teams. FacilityTeam lets a user participate in multiple projects yet stay organized by connecting their task list and calendar to their responsibilities in the various projects they are participating in.
  3. People don’t stay in the same position. People are given roles in a project. This allows the roles to be reassigned to other staff and contractors without disrupting the project.
  • Create “Issues” you need help with and request assistance from team members.
  • Receive and accept requests to participate in tasks and issues
  • Estimate effort, cost and completion date for work
  • Send quick updates to team members via instant messaging within the project
  • Add stakeholders to a project so they can observe the progress
  • Project roles allow users to be replaced mid-project.


  • Create teams for anything (e.g. assets, work orders, projects, leases, etc.)
  • Accepting requests adds them automatically to your personal calendar
  • Communicate in FacilityTeam and with Email
  • Personal news feed keeps you up to date on work in progress
  • Include FacilityTeam users and non-users in teams
  • Share documents with team members
Features that support Teamwork
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