FacilityTeam’s easy to use mobile app allows staff to take a picture, select an issue and the request is automatically routed to the responsible manager.

  • CMMS mobile app
  • Record service requests on your mobile device

In the fast paced healthcare environment it is often easier to ignore a potential hazard or broken piece of equipment than to take the time to report it.   When a report is submitted it is typically by email and missing critical information needed to find and repair the problem.  Maintenance departments need to know who, what, where, when and why in order to respond efficiently.

With FacilityTeam’s easy to use mobile app the majority of this information is collected automatically.  Log into the app and our location tracking understands who you are and where you are.  If you are reporting a problem with equipment you can also simply tap on the asset with your phone to add it to the service request.  All you need to do is select what the issue is from a pick list and your service request is complete.  You can even take a picture with the app and it is automatically attached to your request.

For each issue the system has a defined workflow that routes a service ticket to the appropriate response team along with an assigned priority and due date, ensuring fast response to each issue.

  • RTLS adds your current location to the request
  • Tap on an asset tag to add the asset to the request
  • Take a picture to add it to the service request
  • Select the request issue from a pick list
  • Add additional details about the problem
  • Complete a service request in seconds
  • The app reads both Bluetooth and NFC asset tags
  • Workflow routes the request to the appropriate manager
Features that support the Service Request App
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