From simple reminders to complex schedules with multiple participants FacilityTeam can automate the work scheduling process.

  • CMMS Scheduled and Preventative Maintenance

Planned maintenance allows you to substantially reduce reactive maintenance and maintain your facilities at a desired level of quality.  Planned maintenance is also far more efficient than reactive maintenance which can cost two to three times more, especially when adding lost productivity, higher part costs, and administration. 

FacilityTeam’s CMMS module allows users with a structure to properly organize equipment and rooms, and then apply tasks and robust scheduling.  The setup is more extensive than with reactive maintenance but the result is an easy to administrate system that builds a complete maintenance history.  That history becomes the documentation necessary for accreditation and proves compliance with regulations.


FacilityTeam is web based allowing staff and contractors to access their work on any laptop, tablet or smartphone.  The incredibly organized dashboard organizes their work by due date and priority, allowing them to quickly record time and materials, communicate with their team and access maintenance manuals. 

Automate workflow

Workflow includes automatic and manual work assignment as well as escalations.  This reduces repetitive work assignments, automating as much of the process as possible. 

Service orchestration and monitoring

Understanding your team’s individual and group workload, upcoming scheduled work and work in progress in incredibly easy with the Maintenance Cardwall.  Click on work orders to view details or simply drag-and-drop to assign work.

Maintenance work calendar

Using FacilityTeam’s dashboard managers can monitor work in progress compared to anticipated time and proactively respond to backlogs by reassigning and reprioritizing work.    

Manage multiple services from one system

In a hospital the difference between assets maintained by Biomed, Maintenance and IT can be difficult to determine.  Having a common asset database with maintenance services delivered by multiple departments will reduce reporting requirements, training and data entry duplication.

In-house and outsourced services

Contractors can play a role in delivering on-demand services.  With FacilityTeam’s web services, scheduled work generated by FacilityTeam can automatically be forwarded to a contractors system. 

  • Robust scheduling options
  • Automatic work assignment for standard tasks
  • Manual work assignment with simple drag-and-drop
  • Monitor workload and reprioritize work
  • Combined view of demand and scheduled maintenance
  • A single system to manage Biomed, Maintenance and IT services
  • Cloud software allows contractors to be added to your maintenance team
  • Ensure work isn’t overlooked with automatic escalations
  • Manage proactively with performance dashboards
Features that support Scheduled Maintenance
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