Take your work order system with you, on your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • CMMS app for Biomed and Facilities

Your Maintenance and Biomed teams don’t work in isolation. Managers are reprioritizing work, technicians need to maintenance history and requestors want to add additional information.  With FacilityTeam each task, whether it is a service request, scheduled work order, survey or alert becomes a mini project.  All stakeholders in that project receive automatic notifications, can contribute new information and share documents.

With FacilityTeam the entire application runs in a web browser and works on any screen size including mobile phones and tablets.  This means technicians have access to documents, drawings and maintenance histories as well as their work orders.

Having the full FacilityTeam application available while performing maintenance work is enhanced with the live dashboard and chatting features.

My ToDo List and Calendar

Keeping track of assigned work could not be easier that with FacilityTeam.  Your live dashboard presents a list of assigned work, with priority and expected completion time.  The dashboard also lets you easy record time, add comments and complete work orders without having to open the full work order.

Chatting keeps you organized

Instant messaging software has its limits when it comes to maintenance management.  Discussions between requestors, managers and technicians will be lost if they take place in a separate system.  With FacilityTeam all chatting starts with the work order or asset you are currently viewing.  Select people to converse with and add documents and photographs.  The ongoing conversation is available in your live chat windows, which shows you updates from all the conversations you are part of.  Best of all the communication and decisions made become part of the history of the work order, asset or space you are discussing. 

  • Work in the full application on any device
  • Live database communication means you are always up to date
  • Communicate with stakeholders and keep all messaging as part of the maintenance history
  • Reduce training by having a common interface for all devices
  • Reduce administration by setting users up only once.
  • Easy setup with nothing to install on devices.
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