Let real-time dashboards, automatic work assignment and collaboration tools bring order to your on-demand and scheduled maintenance.

  • CMMS RTLS Maintenance Management

FacilityTeam’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is cloud software specifically designed for healthcare providers to operate and maintain their buildings and Biomedical assets.  Our extensive on-demand and scheduled maintenance features track all work to the asset, space and department, recording a maintenance history that supports regulatory and accreditation reporting.

CMMS in healthcare is unique.  The software must be extensive enough to be effective for Biomedical Engineering but easy enough to be used by the wide range of contractors and staff that will participate in the system.  Our twenty years of experience building CMMS for healthcare has allowed us to create that balance of a great user experience with highly organized teamwork.

Resource Planning and Dispatch

The maintenance calendar displays incoming requests, work in progress and upcoming scheduled maintenance.  It also shows workload by staff member and contractor.  To assign or reassign work a simple drag-and-drop dispatches the work which appears immediately on the technician’s to-do list.

Automatic dispatch can be utilized to assign work during overnight and weekend or to automatically route work to specific contractors.


Work doesn’t happen in isolation.  Each work order will have a requestor, manager, technicians and contractors.  Imagine being able to see live status updates, being able to ask questions of the other participants in the work, share photographs and update timesheets.  Now, imagine being able to do it all from your dashboard. CMMS is truly effective when you add communication and collaboration with FacilityTeam.

Mobile Maintenance

Priorities change and technicians need real-time access to their work queue.  With our cloud software they can record work, look up asset maintenance histories, view maintenance manuals and communicate with their team on any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Achieve Objectives with Live Dashboards

Maintenance management doesn’t need to be reactive.  You could be trying to reduce the number of emergency work orders, reduce parts inventory, limit work performed by contractors or maximize the chargeback for work.  To be proactive there is no need to review lists of work in progress or run daily reports just to see if you are on target.  In FacilityTeam add gauges to your dashboard that summarize your areas of responsibility.  Set your objectives and the gauges show you where you are right now and if you are trending in the right direction to meet your objectives.

Location Tracking

Want to find the closest technician to an incident, find out where your contractors are, or locate that piece of mobile medical equipment that needs servicing.  FacilityTeam includes location tracking as a core feature.  Simply add a location beacon to a person or asset and find it in real-time.  It is so easy, the work orders display a map of the assets current location.  Staff can also track down a moving asset in the field with the FacilityTeam mobile app.

Using maps within work orders

  • Receive service requests through our self-service portal or call center interface
  • Build a maintenance history with all work related back to assets, people and locations
  • Manual and automated work assignment
  • Assigning work is as easy as drag-and-drop
  • Extensive maintenance scheduling options
  • Increase visibility into the maintenance backlog
  • Automate communication to the requestor and service providers
  • Technicians can use any device to access their work
  • Cloud software makes it easy to add contractors to your maintenance team
  • Automate maintenance with real time location information
  • Set and achieve objectives with live dashboards
Features that support Maintenance Management
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