Make it easy to receive requests on-line and automatically route them to the appropriate team.

  • Enhance maintenance requests with online reporting

FacilityTeam’s service request system provides a seamless, unified solution for managing all aspects of the request process.  We combine a self-service portal, mobile app, call center interface and workflow to ensure that all requests are properly prioritized and routed to internal staff and contractors.  This creates an automated request fulfillment system optimized for each department responsible for the delivery of services including maintenance, biomed, security, health & safety and IT.

Our well organized request management system is enhanced by teamwork and dashboard features ensuring that work performed meets the service level commitments established by each service team.

Online service request form

Mobility and self-service

A service request portal can drastically reduce the number of calls and emails sent to helpdesks.  Staff can submit requests 24/7 from any location and device in a single web page that automatically routes the request to the appropriate service team.

Staff can check on the status of their request, planned delivery date and any additional information.  They can also update their request and add additional information.

Automate workflow based on service level agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) set objectives for the delivery of services.  Based on each issue (e.g. too cold, leak, light out) managers can set service expectations such as response time, priority, trade and estimated hours.  Workflow includes automatic and manual work assignment as well as escalations defined by issue.  This allows managers to be consistent in responding to requests and to automate as much of the process as possible.

Using FacilityTeam’s dashboard managers can monitor work in progress compared to SLA’s to proactively respond to peak service loads.

Service orchestration and monitoring

Understanding your teams individual and group workload, incoming requests and work in progress in incredibly easy with the Maintenance Cardwall.  Click on requests to view details or simply drag-and-drop to assign work.

Maintenance work calendar

Focus on staff satisfaction

Services are employee centric.  A good relationship between service departments and requestors is based on communication. If requestors know their request is in the queue and they are kept updated on changes they perception of the quality of service will be higher even if those services take longer to perform.

With FacilityTeam’s service request portal staff can check on the status of work and add additional comments.  Automatic email notifications can also be configured.

Manage multiple services from one system

In a hospital the difference between assets maintained by Biomed, Maintenance and IT can be difficult to determine.  Having a single point of entry for service quests with automation to route requests to departments will greatly reduce staff frustration while speeding up response times.  Staff can also visit one web page to view the status on all their work regardless of the which department is delivering the service.

In-house and outsourced services

Contractors can play a role in delivering on-demand services.  With FacilityTeam’s web services, requests submitted through the web portal or call centre can be automatically forwarded to a contractors system.

  • Single web page for all service requests
  • Define SLA details by department and issue
  • Automatic work assignment for standard tasks
  • Manual work assignment with simple drag-and-drop
  • Monitor workload and reprioritize work
  • Reduce phone calls and emails with a self-service web portal
  • Increase staff satisfaction with automatic communication
  • Ensure work isn’t overlooked with automatic escalations
  • Adjust SLA’s over time so client expectations are aligned with resources
  • Manage proactively with performance dashboards

Features that support Service Requests
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