Create an accurate space inventory by room use and department with interactive drawings.

  • CAFM space management

Manage Space by Use, Ownership and Occupancy

Space information is the foundation of your facility management system. It organizes space by site and building and allows users to organize people, assets and services by location. With FacilityTeam drafts people can work in AutoCAD to produce accurate floor and site plans which then become available to users though our interactive drawing viewer.

Utilizing industry standard methods for categorizing space allows building operators to understand their space usage and compare their efficiency to other buildings. Adding occupancy and organization information to rooms also allows department heads to understand their assigned space, location of staff and workstation availability.

  • Use AutoCAD to produce accurate space plans linked to space information in the database
  • Assign room numbers, names and uses to spaces
  • Assign occupancy and departmental ownership to space
  • Track space inside buildings to the floor, zone and room levels
  • Track space on site plans including building footprints, surfaced areas and landscaping
  • Provide staff with self-serve space reporting and drawings
  • Interact with our powerful drawing viewer to highlight space in drawings
  • Record room attributes such as finishes, lighting and audio/visual features
  • Report on space use and efficiency at the region, site, building, floor and room levels
  • Interactive drawings become the foundation for location tracking
Features that support Space Management
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