Define your organizational hierarchy to manage staff, space and asset assignments.

  • Manage personnel and room occupancy

Manage Personnel and Occupancy

Managing employees and departments assigned to rooms is critical to finding efficiencies in space utilization. The People module in FacilityTeam extends your room information and drawings in the Space module to include people and departmental space assignments. The result is an easy to navigate graphically inventory of occupied and available space.

Answering your space questions starts by selecting the type of data you are interested in. The results are presented in both graphical and tabular format with the table view becoming an interactive legend for the drawings.


  • Record supporting employee information such as contact info and skills
  • Track assets assigned to employees such as computers and phones
  • Organize employees by department, job title, and location
  • Highlight employee location information in the drawing viewer
  • View occupied and available rooms in the drawing viewer
  • Report on occupancy rates, room use and averages by department


  • Employee and department information supports location tracking and alerts
  • Manage employees by roles and capabilities
  • Track anticipated and minimum staffing by skill and department
  • Record operating costs to understand an organizations total cost of occupancy
  • Report on occupancy rates, room use and averages by department
Features that support Staff Management
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