Understand what you have, what you need and who is using it with robust asset management software.

  • Biomedical asset management

Asset management starts by compiling a product catalog.  Each product used by your institution, be it an air conditioner or wheelchair is categorized by its function.  Additional information such as pictures, maintenance manuals, maintenance schedule and supplier information can be recorded.

For each piece of equipment simply select its product from the product catalog, allowing the asset to inherit all of the product information.  Then add an asset number and other unique information such as a purchase date.

The result is a highly organized inventory of equipment that is quick to set up and easy to maintain.

Add a FacilityTeam beacon to the asset and the system starts to track its location in real time.   Now nurses can locate equipment and maintenance staff can see the current location of an asset while viewing a work order.

Fixed assets can also be inserted as symbols into drawings allowing the system to show users where the equipment is located.

  • Manage any type of assets from furniture and equipment to hazardous materials and signage
  • Manage any type of assets from furniture and equipment to hazardous materials and signage
  • Record assets by product, use, location, department and employee
  • Record multiple asset ID’s such as serial number, barcode and RTLS tag
  • Record procurement, warrantee and life expectancy information for each asset
  • Present assets current locations graphically on drawings
  • Define products used by your organization to build an equipment catalog
  • Record asset parts and scheduled maintenance requirements.
  • Maintain supplier and manufacturer information along with warrantees for all equipment.
  • Report on asset history including movement, cleaning, repair and assignments
  • Report on asset inventories including in use, under repair and stock locations
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