FacilityTeam helps managers proactively monitor developing situations such as a low staff level in a department or low equipment availability.

  • RTLS delivers real time situational awareness

Tracking systems create an incredible amount of data.  With FacilityTeam you can define practically any rules to monitor movement including the type of equipment, staff/patient, department, room use, sensor readings and time of day.  The system continually applies your rules to the incoming location data and responds with alerts and live dashboards.

Other RTLS systems claim that they provide situational awareness, focusing solely on current conditions such as a wheelchair leaving the building.  They automate some alerts and call that situational awareness.  But, what about the ongoing effort to resolve the issue that generated the alert?  Who followed up on the alert?  Did we complete an incident report?  How was our response time?  Alerts don’t disappear after they flash across your screen, they need to be resolved, and that takes teamwork.

With FacilityTeam alerts can generate email notifications, instant messaging, work orders, incident reports and follow-up tasks.  Priority, response times, people assigned, time spent and all communications become part of the alert history. 

Each stakeholder in an alert will see their task displayed on their screen along with priority and expected response time. They can easily add notes, photographs, record time spent and indicate their task is complete. 

Managers can monitor progress in the live chat window which continually updates to shows progress being made on each alert. 

A management screen shows all alerts in progress.  Simply drag-and-drop to assign people to follow up on alerts, work orders and to create incident reports.

Maintenance work calendar

But, don’t just focus on individual tasks.  Keep your eye on developing situations such as low equipment availability or a low staffing level in a department with FacilityTeam’s personalized KPI’s. 

With FacilityTeam you have easy to use teamwork tools that provide real situational awareness and the ability to work proactively as well as reactively.

  • Define movement rules based on people, rooms and equipment
  • Highly configurable alerts such as sensor ranges, time of day and dwell time
  • Alert communication with email, messaging, work orders, incident reports and tasks
  • Alert workflow with notifications, work assignment, priority and response times
  • Live dashboards display team performance
  • Turn real time movement monitoring into alerts and actions
  • Monitor the follow-up to alerts
  • Measure response times and results to improve operations
  • Situational awareness allows for proactive and reactive management
Features that support Situational Awareness
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