See how low cost Bluetooth hardware and our Cloud software can deliver cost effective real time location tracking with substantial return on your investment.

  • FacilityTeam ROI Calculator

Answer a few questions and the FacilityTeam ROI calculator will help you understand the capital expense savings and labor savings that our RTLS system can deliver.

The calculator also provides and estimate on the system cost including software, hardware and implementation services.

Benefits of real-time location tracking of equipment

  • Increase the utilization of existing equipment
  • Reduce over purchasing of mobile equipment
  • Reduce misplaced, accidentally disposed and stolen equipment
  • Reduce the need for and duration of equipment rentals

Number of beds:

Equipment per bed to be tracked:

Per bed value of tracked equipment:

Value of equipment lost or stolen per bed: 

Total equipment utilization rate (typically 40%):

Increase in equipment utilization due to location tracking (suggest 10%):

Annual CAPEX reduction from fewer purchases and replacement of lost equipment:


Benefits from instantly locating clean, available equipment

  • Reduce nursing time spent looking for available equipment
  • Eliminate hording of mobile medical equipment

Average nurse staffing level for one shift:

Percentage of nurses affected (suggest 30%):

Minutes per nurse/shift spent searching for equipment (suggest 30):

Average hourly nurse salary:

Annual nurse labor savings:


Survey Benefits:
  • Eliminate time spent on refrigerator and environmental monitoring
  • Reduce time spent inspecting life safety equipment

Total life safety equipment:

Number of monthly inspections (per asset):

Critical refrigerators to monitor:

Refrigerator inspections per month (per asset):

Minutes spent inspecting each piece of equipment:

Average hourly rate for inspection staff:

Annual inspection staff savings:


Your annual savings are estimated to be:
Anticipated cost for hardware, services and the first year of software is:
You will achive ROI in (months):

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