Location tracking communicates where assets should be, if they are being horded or misplaced and if they are being removed from the building.

  • Loss Preventions with FacilityTeam Bluetooth asset tags

In the highly mobile hospital environment where people and assets are constantly on the move, insight into the exact location of resources and personnel is playing an increasing role in streamlining operations, raising patient satisfaction, enforcing security, and even saving lives.  In this highly mobile environment equipment will inevitably go missing.

When looking at ways to reduce the loss of equipment the first cause that can come to mind is theft.  While theft is a concern, equipment loss in healthcare is just as likely to come from accidental disposal or the storage of devices where they are unlikely to be found.  Real-time locating not only provides an accurate inventory of equipment by location but allows for automated monitoring and alerting before equipment is lost.  No matter what actions are currently the causes of equipment loss, FacilityTeam dramatically reduce that loss. 

Highly Configurable Location and Asset Movement Rules

Monitoring equipment as it is moving allows FacilityTeam to automatically alert equipment owners at the moment when the potential for loss is detected.  That moment of potential loss will vary based on the type of equipment and which department it belongs too.  For example a wheelchair heading for the parking garage may be acceptable movement, while a telemetric device detected in the same area requires a call to action.  Attributes of equipment (such as cost or priority) can also be used to monitor equipment.  For example, alert security if any asset over $2,000 leaves the building.

Temperature Monitoring

Loss reduction does not have to be limited to equipment.  FacilityTeam sensors for temperature and humidity can assist in determining if products such as medications and blood are in jeopardy due to failure in refrigeration.

Incident Reporting

Preventing a potential loss provides an immediate benefit to the hospital.  With each loss or near miss FacilityTeam can automatically generate an incident report and assign it for investigation.  Being able to analyse equipment, locations and people involved in alerts can lead to proactive efforts to reduce future losses.

  • Define allowable movement rules by asset type
  • Adjust movement rules by department
  • Include dwell time in movement rules (e.g. create alert if an asset does not return in 15 minutes)
  • Rules can create alerts, emails, text messages, incident reports and work orders
  • Security can use asset location history to aid in a theft investigation
  • Prevent equipment being misplaced
  • Prevent hording of equipment by making it easy to find when needed
  • Prevent accidental disposal of equipment by creating location alerts for assets entering housekeeping areas.
  • Prevent theft by defining security alerts when equipment is leaving the building
  • Analyse incidents to identify proactive activities to reduce future loss
Features that support Loss Prevention
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