Discover how a robust asset management system combined with real time location tracking can benefit your healthcare organization.

  • Benefits of Bluetooth and FacilityTeam RTLS

FacilityTeam is asset management software tightly integrated with Bluetooth real time location tracking hardware.  Our software modules include the following:

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) – Space management, Asset management,  Personnel management all working with interactive floor plans from AutoCAD.

Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) – Service requests, Demand Maintenance, Schedule Maintenance and Surveys.

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) – Push and pull data exchange with patient management, human resource, accounting and maintenance management system utilizing web services.

Combined with our focus on teamwork and communication FacilityTeam delivers substantial operational improvements. 

  1. Deliver complex data in easy to understand formats

Understanding location based information such as room vacancies and the location of assets is much easier to understand.  FacilityTeam’s interactive drawings, business intelligent reports,  real-time dashboards and drag-and-drop maintenance assignments are examples of how complex data can be easily understood to support business decisions.

Find assets by type and product

  1. Become highly organized

Organize people, assets and space by their roles in the institutions operation.  Proper organization to industry standards allows past actions to be analysed to identify trends, current conditions to be understood and future objectives to set.   

  1. Monitor performance and support decision making

Dashboards are a key feature in FacilityTeam, presenting real-time information about your operations.  Set your expectations and dashboards allow managers to react proactively to current events in order to achieve their objectives.

  1. Optimize resources

Getting the most out of your team is more than just counting hours available.  With in-application chat, task management, to-do calendar, document sharing and work assignments based on workload you have the collaborative environment you need to turn your staff into a facility team.

  1. Reduce equipment purchases

Being able to identify the location of equipment when it is needed greatly reduces the amount of equipment that needs to be kept in inventory.  Equipment availability can be further enhanced with FacilityTeam alerts that automatically update the status of equipment and can generate work orders based on location history.

  1. Minimize human errors

There is no getting around it.  Department reorganize, equipment is replaced and space is renovated.  Data entry is continuous to maintain the as-is building information.  The chance for data entry errors is exacerbated when data is duplicated across many systems.  For example, ask an organization how many databases they have that include room numbers and the answer is typically dozens.  FacilityTeam brings together the majority of building operation functions into one database, greatly reducing duplication.  With web services we can also automate data flow between accounting, human resources and patient management systems.

7.   Reduce IT costs

As a cloud based service with no server or client software to install there is little IT effort required to implement FacilityTeam.  Location tracking hardware comes preconfigured to communicate with your network eliminating most issues that would end up in IT’s hands.  And, ongoing system administration and technical support is included in the software license further reducing calls to IT for assistance.

8.   Enhance service levels

FacilityTeam allows expectations from service level agreements such as response times and effort to be associated to service types.  By setting clear objectives for organizational policies you ensure that staff and contractors focus on business goals instead of only considering them as guidelines.

FacilityTeam Benefits:
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