FacilityTeam Real Time Locating System RTLS

FacilityTeam is facility and maintenance management software evolved. Our unique focus on team collaboration and real time location tracking provides immediate operational efficiencies to your facility team.

Combined with our low cost, highly accurate Bluetooth hardware our system responds to the movement of critical equipment and personnel.  The result is situational awareness that will reduce costs and provide a safer work environment.


Reduce Costs While Enhancing Operations
  • Reduce equipment purchasing
  • Track equipment availability and disinfection
  • Provide a safer workplace
  • Increase efficiency in equipment maintenance
  • Quickly inspect life safety equipment
FacilityTeam Delivers Far More Than Just Asset Tracking
  • Multi-site management
  • Robust healthcare asset management
  • Demand and scheduled maintenance
  • Improve teamwork and communication
  • Performance dashboards
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